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Welcome to Hush BOudoir!

I have the best job in the world!  I get to show women everyday, how beautiful and sexy they really are.  What could be better?  I began my photography career over 16 years ago by photographing maternity sessions on black and white film (there was no digital back then!).  I then opened a studio, Cari Long Photography, where I still do maternity portraits, newborns, families and high school seniors.

I started photographing boudoir sessions about 8 years ago when clients began asking me for sexy pictures! I love how the whole process is so empowering for my clients.   I can almost see their self confidence grow! Hush Boudoir has since evolved into a huge part of what I do.  It has kind of taken on a life of its own!

I have a great deal of experience as a professional photographer. I understand the use of lighting and posing to make every woman look glamorous and sexy, no matter her age, size or shape! My style of Boudoir photography is elegant, sexy and classic with a modern and fresh approach. No cheesiness here! I like soft feminine images with just a little bit of edge thrown in.

All of the women that you see on my website are real women just like you.  They are moms, teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants, married, single, engaged, divorced.  Some are doing a session just for them, some are doing it as a gift for their special someone. I hope to photograph you soon and create images just like these for you!

I believe that boudoir photography is for all women!  Every woman deserves gorgeous, sexy pictures of herself!

WHEN i'm NOT at the studio, you'll find me

having a 

glass of red and a 

I am a lover of wine, especially red! My husband and I enjoy traveling and visiting wine growing regions like Napa Valley and the regions of france.  WE have not been to italy yet, but that is on the list!  

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WHEN i'm NOT at the studio, you'll find me

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My husband and I renewed our vows for our 25th anniversary several years ago and now I am obsessed with the city! I have been back every year since to photograph other couples in love. Ask me for my favorite Paris recommendations!

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IF I HAD TO DESCRIBE hush Boudoir photography IN THREE WORDS, THEY WOULD BE empowering, luxurious and indulgent. 

What I Do


The best part of the whole boudoir experience for me is getting to show my clients their gorgeous images at their ordering appointment!  I love watching them see themselves in a way they never have before.  I love giving women the gift of seeing just how sexy they really are.   

We women are so busy and focused on work, kids, carpool and taking care of everything, that we sometimes forget about us as women.  A boudoir experience is a chance to indulge a little, get a little pampering and find your sexy again!

I believe all women are beautiful

I believe that all women deserve to feel sexy

5 Favorite Boudoir Outfits

Get this guide to Cari's 5 favorite outfits to photograph on boudoir clients!